creative design projects


  • Providing our clients with the required technical advice and consultation  when and where its necessary. We offer our expertise and knowledge base.  Recommending current and accepted practices in line with client’s purpose of building conforming to the international standards.
  • Delivering construction in time, correctly and completely in accordance with the Agreement and annexes.
  • We dive into smallest details with our experienced engineers to make sure progress of work is running smoothly according to project plan, technical administrative statutes, regulations, specifications, architectural & engineering design, project and health & safety construction rules and regulations.
  • Manage and supervise the execution of works on site, in order to follow up the progress of the work and ensure their conformity with the design drawings & details, quality control and quality assurance requirements.

* Approve detailed shop drawings proposed by the contractor, subcontractors or suppliers before commencement of execution.

* Provide the contractor with all necessary clarifications pertaining to the contract documents in order to ensure proper completion of the project.

* Provide necessary coordination with all Engineers and stakeholders during the work progress and to take measures against possible delays and problems ahead.